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Access=Design access consultants, Ann Sawyer and Vin Goodwin, advise on inclusive design of the built environment taking into account the needs of everyone including disabled people. We bring a wealth of experience and have a proven track record in providing successful design solutions for architects, designers, developers and building owners and managers. We provide access consultancy, access audits and training in disability access and inclusive design.

When working as part of a design team as access consultants we aim to respond to planning, building control, Equality Act 2010 (which superseded the Disability Discrimination Act, DDA) and other relevant legislation and requirements to achieve the best possible level of access without compromising design aspirations.

Our work is driven by the belief that well-designed accessible environments benefit everyone.

Accessible design = good design


'Taking a creative approach, considering the needs of everyone, integrating those needs into good, thoughtful designs and practices will help achieve an accessible, inclusive built environment that enables people to participate fully in all aspects of society.'
The Access Manual